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Dissertation Tips

Dissertation Tips The developmental task of shifting your self-image and self-presentation from student to junior colleague, is as important as the intellectual knowledge and the academic skills that you will gain during graduate school. Why the Dissertation is HardHow to...    Continue Reading →

Get it Written

From Writer’s Block To Writer’s Rhythm Publish or perish: this classic adage is an accurate description of the tenure track’s main law of survival. Finishing your dissertation allows you to escape the abyss of the terminal A.B.D. Quickly crafting clear...    Continue Reading →

Manage Time & Organize

How You Spend Your Time Is How You Spend Your Life The specific actions that you choose to take each hour, each day, each week, throughout each year, define your life. Your moment-to-moment choices accumulate to determine whether you succeed...    Continue Reading →

Overcome Procrastination

Getting On With It… It is natural to avoid things that are unpleasant, tiring, difficult, or anxiety provoking. Although it is natural and understandable, procrastination is the greatest threat faced by most academics. Procrastination will poison your productivity and maim...    Continue Reading →

Cultivate Mentors

Mentors Make The Difference Advisors, Committee Members, Departmental Chairs, Colleagues, Collaborators, Peers, Deans, University Staff, Advisees, your own Students – over the course of your academic career you will interact with people in many different roles with many different agendas....    Continue Reading →

Teach Well

If You’re Going To Do It… Many of us have become academics because we want to teach, and to teach well. Most academics I work with were inspired by a particularly brilliant teacher at some point in their education. And...    Continue Reading →

Find Social Support

You Need A Team Of Your Own The Tenure Track Marathon is inevitably a long and lonely winding road. Do your close friends, partner and family truly understand the nuances of your research? Probably not. Early in your academic career,...    Continue Reading →

Avoid Burnout

How Long Have You Been Keeping This Pace? The average amount of time from entering grad school until getting tenure is more than 18 years! Wow! Remember this daunting figure when you tell yourself that you’ll take time off as...    Continue Reading →