A Coach Can Help You…

Coaching is a collaborative, problem-solving process that helps people make and maintain life changes.

It is a creative method for helping you focus your talents, resources and strengths so that you are successful in achieving your academic and personal goals.

Would you like to…

    • Work more efficiently?
    • Write more effectively?
    • Manage stress better?
    • Improve your relationships?
    • Clarify and achieve long term goals?
    • Craft a meaningful and productive life?

If so, coaching may be for you.

Most of us have areas of our lives we would like to change, many of us have good ideas for making those changes, but it can be extremely difficult to establish new patterns without help.

How many times have you resolved to change a habit, made concerted efforts to shift your behavior, only to end up back where you started?

Coaching provides the support and structure to make lasting change. It is a professional relationship which helps you specify your goals, get unstuck, develop a concrete plan and then follow through.

Individual coaching is typically conducted by telephone, or in-person when possible, with interim email contact as needed. Most people choose weekly sessions, although we can speak more or less frequently, depending on your needs. Sessions usually last 45 minutes.

Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Coaching aims to improve your current situation, rather than treat psychological suffering or mental health disorders. On the other hand, if you are in treatment with a psychotherapist, working concurrently with a coach can help you turn therapy insights into practical actions.

As your coach, I am available to be your personal consultant, confidential sounding-board, accountability partner and mentor. I enjoy the collaborative nature of coaching, and the intellectual challenge it provides. It is enormously gratifying to watch the people I work with achieve their personal and career goals.

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Feel free to contact me at any point for an initial coaching consultation or to answer any questions you may have.

Mary McKinney, Ph.D.