Disappearing Academic Jobs

Over at Acephalous, Scott Eric Kauffman writes:

“Three of the jobs I already applied for disappeared last week.

Two of the jobs I was about to mail applications to went poof today.

[Insert something witty here.]

[Try to think of something witty. We’ll wait.]

[Surely there’s something more to this than rank despair.]

[Or not.]

[Can’t anyone save us?]”

Wow.  Scary.  As if it isn’t already hard enough to get a tenure-track job….

None of the people I coach who are on the academic job market this year have reported that positions have disappeared.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t have Scott’s experience.  Perhaps he’s seeing even more jobs dry up because he’s in California.

However, the dissertation advisor of one of my coaching clients told her that “no one would be hiring for at least a couple of years” and that she should focus on turning her dissertation into a book so she’d be marketable when jobs reappeared.  I thought this was good advice, if terribly depressing.

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