Mary McKinney, PhD

For almost two decades, I’ve counseled academics at all phases of their careers.  During this time, I’ve helped…

  • junior faculty get tenure
  • post-docs find jobs
  • grad students finish their dissertations

Each person’s path is unique, and I find it a privilege to share the journey. In addition to my psychotherapy and coaching practices, additional professional services include:

  • teaching university classes
  • leading workshops
  • giving presentations
  • providing individual consultations
  • providing consultations for university departments


1981 B.A., Communications, Brown University
1990 M.A., Psychology, City College of New York
1991-92 Clinical Internship, Child Psychology, Albert Einstein Medical College, N.Y.
1994 Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, City University of New York
1993-96 Post-doctoral Fellowship in Psychology, University of Michigan
1996-01 Senior Staff Member, University of Michigan Psychological Clinic
2001 – ongoing Taught classes, gave workshops and presentations for graduate students, post docs and junior faculty at Michigan State University, Texas A & M University, the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Virginia.

Member, American Psychological Association since 1994 State of North Carolina Doctoral Level Clinical Psychology License #2752 To learn more about my role at the University of Michigan, you may read a letter of reference provided by the Dean of The Rackham Graduate School. Other areas of counseling expertise: Working with people whose personal problems are interfering with their academic productivity is one of my specialties. I also help people overcome:

  • depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • relationship difficulties
  • mid-life career transitions
  • reproductive loss such as stillbirth and infertility

How did I get interested in helping academics?

While still collecting data for my own dissertation, I moved from New York City to Ann Arbor. Working on my thesis long-distance was challenging, and I missed the social support of committee members and friends in my doctoral program. Slowly, I developed techniques for structuring my time, reducing procrastination and writing more easily. I became committed to helping people who face similar problems.

How did I become interested in helping people make career transitions?

During my work with struggling students, I occasionally helped them decide to leave academia and pursue alternate careers. Over time, I developed techniques for assisting professionals as they make mid-life career transitions. My interest in career changes is also personal. Before entering the field of psychology in my late twenties, I worked in television news and print journalism. I was a magazine correspondent in Bangkok, Thailand and Sydney, Australia. I worked as a TV news editor and videographer for ABC and CBS in Providence, Rhode Island and for CBS in New York City. I enjoyed my days as a journalist, but I find my work as a psychotherapist and coach even more rewarding.

To talk with me directly:

If you’d like to explore the possibility of working together, let’s set up an appointment to talk by phone or in person. Just email me at or call my office number at 919-969-2616. Again, welcome to my Web site. I hope that you find these tenure track tips useful. Sincerely, Mary McKinney, Ph.D. 919-969-2616