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Mary McKinney, Ph.D. 
Clinical Psychologist
Academic Career Coach

Becoming a successful academic takes more than intelligence.

Self-awareness, savvy strategies and practical skills make the difference between tenure and failure. Even small changes may produce big effects over time. I hope that some of the tips and tactics on these pages will move you closer to your goals.

Dissertation Coaching

Are you struggling to finish your dissertation?

* Have you gotten stuck choosing your topic, writing the proposal or gathering research? * Do you find it difficult to sit down and write your dissertation chapters? * Is your dissertation advisor or committee difficult to work with? If so, dissertation coaching will provide you with the support, structure and expertise needed to get the dissertation done quickly.

Faculty Coaching

Are you struggling to get tenure?

* Are you finding it difficult to write papers or apply for grants? * Do you find it difficult to balance the demands of teaching and service with the pressure to publish? * Are departmental politics creating obstacles?  If so, faculty coaching will help you move from surviving to thriving. It will provide you with the support needed to publish, publish, publish even as you teach well, find mentors and negotiate a powerful position within your department.

Academic Career Coaching

Are you searching for an academic position?

* Do you plan to start your job search soon? * Are you having trouble deciding whether or not to stay in academia? * Are you concerned about getting good recommendations, writing your CV, putting together a winning teaching portfolio or interviewing well?  If so, career coaching is especially useful for academics who are going on the job market, whether you are looking for your first job, moving to a more prestigious institution or leaving academia.

Life Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

* Have the pressures of academia taken over your life? * Is it hard to find time for your life partner, family and friends? * Are you finding it difficult to give yourself guilt-free breaks? If so, life coaching will help you learn to balance the demands of work with a fulfilling personal life. Enjoy academia rather than crash and burn. To succeed as an academic over the long term it is essential to craft a gratifying and meaningful life.


Dr. McKinney also provides coaching services for post-doctoral fellows, adjuncts and master's students. For more than a decade she has provided counseling and consulting services for academics at all stages of their careers.





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